The aesthetic and characteristic appearance of your face is mainly based on your nose. Therefore, the shape of nose is very important. You can have the best nose for your face, and perfect its aesthetic appearance in a healthy way.

Rhinoplasty does not only enhance the aesthetic problems resulting from genetic factors, but also helps eliminate respiratory problems which arise from structural problems in the nose

Other nose aesthetic interventions within the scope of rhinoplasty:

Ip plasty (mini rhinoplasty)

Tis a nose lifting and reduction procedure performed on the tip of nose.

Secondary Rhinoplasty

(Revision) is the procedure where those who are not satisfied with the results of the first rhinoplasty are re-operated. Such revision procedures are generally more difficult since another procedure has already been performed on the nose. Since the cartilage tissue in a previously operated nose has already been used, the cartilage tissue needed for the operation is supplied from ears and ribs. It may also be necessary to graft sarcolemma from back side of ears or the scalp.

Nasal Septum Deviation and Concha Treatment

Structural disorders and deviation in nose as well as concha hypertropy make it difficult to breath. This affects patient’s sleeping pattern and nourishment, decreasing his/her quality of life. Deviation is eliminated through a procedure, during which the septal bone in the nose is broken or partially removed. Concha problem, on the other hand, is eliminated by either reducing their size through radiofrequency (if available) or pushing them outwards.

In which cases Rhinoplasty is favorable?

is deviation In cases of tip ptosis In cases of genetic asymmetries or symmetry problems originating from an accident Rhinoplasty procedures may be performed.