Grasp the youthful face that you long for!

Full face lifts are recommended for those who grasp their youth in every sense of the word.

Get ready to step up the energy of the environment by emitting your vital spirit at the events that you attend and in your social relationships!

Procedures that might be included in full face lift:

Fat Injections:
Some tissues on the face and the areas that have lost volume are filled with fat injected from the patient’s own body to help promote a younger and more vital appearance. Filling with fat injection can be administered around the eyes, midline of the face, lines of nose-lip and marionette lines.
Forehead lift and brow lift
Upper and lower eyelid surgery
Full face lift:
The skin of the face and the neck is lifted by an incision that starts at the front of the ear and that ends in the scalp.
Face lift with a short incision:
: It is a very common procedure. The procedures require only a short incision. The incision starting in front of the ear follows the line of the scalp. Scars can be hidden in the scalp. This is a shorter incision compared to other techniques and it allows easier access to the middle and lower portions of the face. This method offers a more vital appearance in the cheek and chin area and the sagging and folding in the neck can be reshaped more naturally.

How is the process in full face rejuvenation surgery?

Anesthesia: Under general anesthesia or sedation in hospital and OR environment Surgery duration: 3-5 hours (depending on procedures.)
Surgery duration: 33-5 hours (depending on procedures.)
Hospital stay: 1 night
Patient can take a bath 48 hours later.
Sutures are removed on the 6th day.
Swelling and bruises disappear to a great extent in 7 days. Full healing takes 20 days.
The face takes its final shape in the 3rd month.
Patient should keep away from sun for 3 months.
What is the recommended age for having a full face lift?:
Full face rejuvenation is recommended for patients over 50 who have visible aging signs on their faces.
TResults of full face rejuvenation surgery:
Aging process continues after the surgery too. The patients may experience some wrinkling and sagging to a certain extent in the following period, but they never return to the state before surgery. The lasting effect of the surgery greatly depends on the methods used and the skin quality of the patient.